Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some of my favourite spots at the Quilt Festival...

Like the rest of my posts pertaining to the Quilt Festival, this blog post is in memory of the beautiful, talented and creative Anneke Blaise, editor of the Home Magazine, who passed away recently. I still cannot believe that I will not see her beautiful face and editorial any longer. Rest in peace Anneke!

I just have to say that all of the quilts were of such a high standard and quality! I still spend hours looking over them and appreciating the many hours spent working on them. What an honour to be associated with such a magnificent event!

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous quilts and special corners! See you again soon.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quilt Festival ....cont!

This post is also dedicated to the memory of Anneke Blaise, editor of the Home magazine. Rest in peace beautiful girl!

Inside the Warden's House!!!

Entrance Hall...

This Grandfather Clock is found in the "drawing room"

The passage...

One of Tiki Brophy's quilts... "by Wisdom a House is Built"...

The kitchen was so warm and inviting!

This 'Family Quilt" is going to the UK!! One I made for my sister-in-law!

The 'hearth'... always the 'heart of the home'!

The diningroom....

Main bedroom. I just love the bed, probably because we have a white one exactly the same!!
Will lay this quilt on it once I am living in the Karoo...

...the fine detail of the brass finials..

Our dear friend Petro Nel made this quilt!

The other bedroom..... also so beautiful!

......what more can I say...?

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Have a blessed Easter! xx

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quilt Festival

This post is also dedicated to the memory of Anneke Blaise, editor of the Home Magazine! I am devastated at her passing away!! Please send a prayer up for her family! Thankyou!

The day has dawned on our annual Quilt Festival and we are all sooo excited to be part of the preparations. I did some gardening and cleaning up in front of the Warden's House!

The front 'stoep' / porch of the old house. This is where the prison warden lived, as this house is on the property of the old Prison; which is now a beautiful museum!

Some typical South African flowers....Proteas placed at the front door, in an old can

A tree decorated with old bottles and frames

A bird house in the tree

I just love this decorative old wagon that takes pride of place outside on special ocassions!

Hope you are enjoying the visit to the Museum. See you tomorrow with lots of quilts!
Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Klerksdorp Quilt Festival .....

I recently learned of Anneke Blaise's sudden passing away. She was the editor of the Home magazine, somebody who loved and appreciated beautiful crafts and things! She was an inspiration to all! These following posts of the quilt festival are dedicated to Anneke Blaise. May your soul rest in peace.Thankyou for all the things you taught us, your readers!

Well, in just a few hours the doors of our beautiful museum will open for the public to view the Quilts on display, shop and have tea and cake!! The staff have been working so hard! I plan on going in early morning to do some last minute gardening and dusting!

Entrance to the Gift Shop! I just love this door!

Our Curator, Herzola, busy with one of her 'ideas'!

Bev admiring some quilts in the passage!

My star quilt hanging in the entrance passage!

A pensive moment for Alta and Herzola! Two hard-working ladies with hearts of gold!

Some old ox-wagons protecting permanent displays from a by-gone era. I will still post on them sometime soon. This undercover area will host stalls, coffee shop and resting area! can't wait!

These magazines will be bagged as gifts to the visitors!

Well, that's all for now with the preparations! Will post the final and end result of all the gorgeous decor! Eat your hearts out!
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